Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui de Guadalajara
Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui
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Sahrawi People´s Friend Association

Who we are

Sahrawi People´s Friends Assotiation is an non-profit entity located in Guadalajara wich is adicated to offer temporally shelter to Sahrawi Nation´s children that live in refugees camps along Sahara´s Dessert. Sahrawi Nation is an state that was divided between Morocco and Mauretania about a UN command that ordered the retreat of the Spanish administration in 1975 to help, theorically, the independence of the ancient Spaniard colony.

We give a shelter to all these children who live in refugees camps and lack every type of primary attentions like health, feeding, education etc. Keeping in mind that their weak camps administrations and their families provide them as best as they can, but this results nearly impossible about the precarity of the situation, and the dessert conditions.

During the two months of summer we accept all the children in families or people who can care, and support them. These are only a pair of months a year maybe, very short, but a vital part for the children so that they can receive basical caring and attention. It probably means little for us living in developed countries, but it means the key to survive during the rest of the year for them.

On the same way these children receive, at least, the only opportunity to contact and know a different culture, idiom and habits that it can apport other social models and organization.



It begins with the UN command that stablished that Spain had to retreat its Army and Institutions from Sahrawi territories. Command that got a large support from International Community, who was against dictator Franco´s government, and it got, above all, the support from Morocco and Mauretania, countries that desired to draw up their territorial claimings.

Spain was under pressure cause their troops suffered several terrorist attacks in the area. And this situation was increased with border attacks of Mauretania and the Green Marching from the inside of Morocco formed by civilian people and Moroccan Army.

The signature of pact in Madrid to avoid a bellic confrontation, stablished, finally, the uncondicional retreat of Spanish Army and Administration of the colony followed by civilian and staff evacuation.


Actual Situation

In this context, we try to work with children during summer months and organise activities as the truck caravane that supplies food, medicaments and basic staff to the refugees camps, as well as other suplementary activities as the calendar selling and trade fairs that help to fund our main activities with the children and refugees that compose our annual caring program "Vacations in Peace". Actually only collaborate officially with us a little group of private entities and some public administrations. So we take profit on the web to ask for more collaborators to fund our goals.


Today we´re gonna receive all the assigned children 21st June until 21st August, date of their return to Sahara. But we´ve some un-assigned children that need to be taken in for the two summer months and we´re searching for people and families that want to feed and care them for this short period of time.

So the families that care for the first time have to keep in mind that the children are going to come back home with their family when the program "Vacations in Peace" ends.

And in no case this program will lead to adoption of the children.


Collaborate with us

Our Association, with non-profit porposes, has as goals the wide diffusion of big humanitarian problem of Sahrawi People and the help to the refugees.

We need the solidarity from everybody, people and institutions, economical or other sort of help.

People member of the Association are only volunteers. Every type of collaboration with us is welcomed.

If you wish to help, or simply, do you want information, please send us your questions to the mail:

For economical donations our bank account is

Sahrawi´s People Friend Association in Guadalajara
La Caixa

Account Number: 2100 8776 40 2200039202.

If you wish to become member and participate in our program accepting one child for the summer vacations, please fill the next form and send us via e-mail or direction below:


  • Phone:

    647 548 633 - Miriam
    696 967 372 - Jose

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    Sahrawi People´s Friends Association in Guadalajara
    Council Social Building. C/ Cifuentes, 26

    P.O. Box: 1053 19080 Guadalajara

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    Sahrawi People´s Friend Association

If you live close to Guadalajara or just right here in town, you can go to our meetings every Friday from 18:30 to 20:30 in Council Social Building, C/ Cifuentes, 26